So I know the title may say otherwise but I do know more than 4 chords :P
Im writing this on commision so if you want to hear my prog/death/tech stuff check the links in my sig.

Anyways the commisioner wanted a backing track that combines elements from blues-rock, pop and roots music. Tell me if I did a good job? Also what should I do/ fix to make it sound better ect.
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Really like the bass line you got going on, its active, fun and fits well. One thing I don't really care for is the drums but that may be because of guitar pro and not the actual stuff you got going on.
I really liked the guitar solo section although there was not 'guitar' solo the bass sounded good :P
But yeah, for what you were going for it sounded good. I liked it.
Sorry it took so long to get back to you...

I like this. Like it has been said, I like the bass riff. It branches off from the guitar part enough to not be boring, but still is it's own instrument... Some modern bands could learn that tactic (As could I).

I like a lot of the double time feels. They could have easily been left how the tempo was, but there's no fun, no excitement in that.

I, however, being the prog drummer, was not a huge fan of the verse toms. Personal opinion, but there's nothing breaking that bass feel, you know?

The only other thing I did not like is the transition at bar 70. It's good, but a bit abrupt.

Overall, I like it. A definite 8/10... And if you DO write a solo, I'm sure it'll be great.
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