Hey everyone!

I'm the proud owner of a fake Fender Precision Bass. I know it's a fake because the guy in the shop told me when I asked why it was brand new and only £150. He told me that it was made in China, to the same specifications as a Fender Precision and that the UK had recently passed a law banning the importation of fake Fender's from China. How much of that is true, I have no idea.

I got it because my other bass was a worn out Yamaha (one of those black ones that cost like 100 quid) and the guy said I could put a deposit on it and pay it off every week (I was working cash in hand at the time at a local pub). It plays great and doesn't sound bad either! It feels the same as my mates P bass I used to play apart from the neck on mine is quite slippery from the lacquer.

Anyway if you've made it this far, the purpose of this thread is to put some pictures up and you guys can compare it to your Fender Precision Basses so we can do two things:

1. See just how good a copy it is, and if we can pin-point a model that this one is trying to copy.

2. Provide a useful guide for things to look out for when buying online or in a store so you don't get ripped off!

The most obvious thing is the decals: The 'Original Contour Body Patented' is a sticker. I could peel it off with a bit of coaxing and it's not even on straight. The Fender Precision Bass decal is raised, but this is done better - it is under a finish so it will never come off and you can only notice it's raised if you look at it from an angle.

The next thing is the finish on the neck: The entire neck is glossy. Is this true of any Fender Precisions? Or any decent gutiars? It's like a clear lacquer. The neck and fretboard look like they're booth meant to be maple but are slightly orange (a bit like some of the girls if you go up north in the UK. You know they're meant to be white but they look like they've been tango'd).

The camera and flash on my phone don't do it justice but the finish on the body is really nice. The tobacco sunburst finish is quite dark compared to the one on my squire and the three ply pick guard is a slightly green off white which gives a very nice vintage effect.

Things for you guys to look at: (I can upload more photos if need be)

The fret dots and rosewood strip on the back of the neck are under the lacquer so you can't feel them. Is this normal? Is it the same amount of screws and placement of screws on the scratch plate? where do you normally get a serial number? (this one doesn't have one, and the product number comes up with a telecaster if you google it). do the pickups and bridge look like the stock pick up and bridge on your P bass? same for tuners, headstock etc...

Would you pick one up for 150?

EDIT: Also if anyone knows about these I'd love to know what wood it's made out of etc and whether it's worth upgrading the pups or electronics. I don't think I'll ever sell it just incase the person I sell it to ever tries to deceive anyone.
Fender Body.gif
fender bridge.gif
fender fret dots.gif
fender pickups.gif
fender tuners.gif
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It looks to be of good quality.

The glossy orangeish neck is pretty typical of Fenders. The fret dots and skunk stripe are always under the finish.

If I had to guess, it's probably actually a Squier Affinity series with a Fender decal that someone slapped on.

I'd buy a fake if I found one of good quality, and it looks like you've done just that.


actually, the decal looks like a waterslide. It could be an aftermarket neck
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looks to be a nice bass.Funny, I just posted a thread about a fake Gibson Les Paul gold top I just picked up.
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Glad to hear the glossy finish neck isn't a weird/cheap thing and that this may have some genuine affinity parts. I guess I probably paid what it's worth in the end.

I guess all that stuff the guy fed me about it being a Chinese copy was just usual salesman bull crap. Just looked back at how much I typed, I need to simplify.. I'm an English undergrad and don't know where to stop!
The camera and flash on my phone don't do it justice but the finish on the body is really nice.
Bridge isn't a fender, not even a Squier. I've never seen a squier with the screws on the front of the bridge.

Logo ain't right, either. At all.

It's a copy, my friend. Could be a nice copy, could be a crappy copy, but it's a copy. This is what a fender bridge looks like

This is a "vintage" style bridge, the mexis do not have the ridges on the barrels, but a bass with that kind of logo should have them.

That logo is also nowhere near where it's supposed to be.

Truth be told: a good copy, I'd loe to own... but this thing... doesn't really look like a fender. I've seen copies that scream "FENDER" and this is not one of them. Glad you're liking it, though.
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What is this? 1996?
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So how convincing is mine?

truss rod and knobs give it away, other than that, it's a sharp bass
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Why does the truss rod give it away?
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A maple neck P-bass with that logo would have a plug where your truss rod is with the adjustment screw at the heal of the neck.

Also... I'm not sure how often you'll see a daphne blue body on a 70's neck that's authentic... but, I don't know exactly when they got rid of the color.

See, this is the part where Spaz says it's a legit 78 or something. I'm just waiting for the egg to hit my face on this one.
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Hi guys.

I'm a bit worried that my precision vintage 57 US is a fake because of the fender precision bass decal is a sticker. Take a look at the pictures, grateful for help..

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