Would it be possible to put tele dome knobs on a strat? Or would the shafts not match?
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its possible. if not, you could just use a little glue, wait till it semi drys then put it on the shaft and take it off, leaving the imprints, then wait till its completely dry
People do it all the time. Depends on the knob. If it has a set screw, it would be ideal to have solid shaft pots (tele) but I'm pretty sure the split shaft (strat) will work too once you tighten the set screw enough. If they're the cheapo press-on knobs, you'd want split shaft usually so it'll grip the knob.

^ not sure about the glue idea though.

good luck
Cheers guys, thanks for the help.

Do you like anime/manga?
PM me about buying the graphic novels I'm trying to sell
Generally Tele's have a set screw - to allow them to grip a smooth pot shaft. This wouldn't be ideal, but would work if you have some knobs that you want to use. If you were going to buy new knobs for a strat, shop around - I know of some places that will do tele pots without a set screw.
You can use set screw pots on both smooth and knurled/split pot shafts, but make sure they're the right shape (since some smooth pots have a flat side whereas split ones don't)
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