I did a search and found nothing, so is there anybody on here who can appreciate radio-friendly pop music for what it is? (see: artistically empty but still good fun)

inb4 pop is 4 fags and ts is a fag
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>Artistically empty


Idk. I can get down to pop whenever I want, whether it be pop rock or electronic auto tuned crap. I look forward to raves in the future.
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I love pop, mainly from more underground sources, but I can still jam to top 40 stuff occasionally

Also, not to sound like that guy, but it seriously bothers me that every pop song on the charts sounds carbon copied from one another. The all have the same hooks, the same four on the floor overdone club beat and those really cheesy eurodance influences from like 15 years ago, the same somewhat syncopated chord plucks, the same pseudo "dubstep" half-time breakdown, etc. I still enjoy it, but it's incredibly difficult to distinguish songs from one another nowadays