I saw these guys play a house show with pygmy lush a few weeks ago. They were great. I know the drummer and guitar player through friends/band connections and they're incredibly cool guys. Glad to see them getting some recognition.
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pre-ordered the album yesterday <3

I bought the membership that Asian Man is offering, so I'll be getting it as part of that. Can't wait.
I thought about seeing them at Fest, but they're playing at the same time as Mikey Erg, so I'll have to pass.

EDIT: Heh, buddy on the right totally looks like Johnny.
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I'm in a pretty good band.

Wondered why I posted this.
Finally listening to the new LP. I'm really digging it so far.

Sort of reminds me of Weezer a bit. I'm not sure what about it exactly, but something.
Yeah it is really Weezer-y, Mosby Blues, New York Crunch, and Strange especially. It is a really good album, I dunno if it's in my top 10 this year though, but I'm quite satisfied.
I'm really liking this album. Sounds a bit like Piebald too.
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I was really hoping I'd get the blue vinyl but I got brown They're lucky it's one of my favorite albums of the year or else I'd be upset!