Awhile back i posted about my Harmony guitar having a broken saddle. well i fixed that by making my own uhhh lets just say "custom" one to lower the action. I realized during the process of doing that, that my neck was very bent by the 12th fret and there was a noticeable string to neck difference.

That being said, this thing has no truss rod. I really like the guitar ya know? the wood DID age well with the exception of that and it sounds really nice and rich, except because of that problem, i have trouble enjoying playing that guitar.

Does anyone have any home grown remedies that will fix this?
Nothing short of either replacing the neck, or removing it and trying to steam bend it back to shape.

One point here, after the 12th fret, a guitar's neck is supposed to taper downward toward the soundhole! In other words, you have a very slight "U" bend from the 1st fret to the 13th, (the relief), but after 13, the neck the descends again. It's the only way to enable playing at those high frets without string buzz.

This obviously doesn't take into account a neck which is "twisted", and I'm not certain if that's what you mean.

BTW, the neck might have a truss rod, but it could be a nonadjustable one without user access.

If you like the sound of the guitar, I'd put "your problem" out of mind, and play the things you can with it. There isn't anything you can do, at anywhere a reasonable cost, to resolve the situation.
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If the neck is warped, it would be twisted. What you are talking about is a lot of bow.

You can try and fix this with lots of humidity - don't ever let an acoustic dry out! You'd be surprised how much humidity does to a guitar, you might be able to fix it just by that alone.

A good trick it to use a 2x4 on the neck to straighten it, and then wrap the neck with a heating pad or something to get some humidity - after a day or 2 the neck will start to straighten out.
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You could use humidity or steam to bend the neck slightly into position. the humidity makes the wood soft enough to bed. your local guitar storeman should be able to do it and also the cost is not too much if you love your guitar.