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Damn dude. That's slick. Custom tailpiece? Those cream rings were a good choice, blend right in with the wood. Your bridge and tailpiece seem really far apart. How does this compare in size to a normal les paul?
I'm not actually giving it away. Its for a good friend of mine who is making me a website and helping with the design/marketing aspect of creating my own business. We came up with the design with the intentions of using transferred images or paint but then I decided to get fancy with inlaying everything just to see if I could haha.

Scale length is 25.5

I happen to stumble upon that tail piece while searching for some other part and thought it went perfectly with the design. I cant for the the life of me find the link to the guys site now though. Its aluminum and extremely light, very nice quality.

The pickup rings do appear cream but they are actually cut from curly maple to compliment the stripes down the center of the anchor. Hopefully better quality pictures will show this a little clearer.

I'm not sure if distance from bridge to tail piece matters or not, I didn't look into it. I just moved it around until I was happy with how it looked.

I used a Epiphone les paul for size originally then modified it slightly so it should with in range of a normal les paul.

Here is a pic so you can see the size. I'm 6ft if that helps haha
Glad to hear you get to keep it then!

Good work on the pickup rings by the way.

The only difference I can think of with the tailpiece placement is string length. The further the tailpiece is from the bridge, the longer the string length. Just makes bending easier, the strings will feel looser.
Let me re-phrase that, I'm not just giving it away, I'm trading it basically. But my site wont be up for at least a month so till then I'll enjoy playing it!

Here is the other pics I had left on my camera

Sig placement

Song lyric requested by the owner

Shielded cavity

The cover is held with magnets, too get it off you just insert your pick into the slot and it pops off! the magnets are plenty strong and this will not come off unless you want it to.

All wired up

Potting the humbuckers

The moment my heart sank through the floor

Got the buckers to fit, and a close up of the maple rings

That's all I got, hopefully I'll have the professional pics and sound clips soon!
Super stellar job man! This is for sure one of my favorite builds in a long time.
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Holy crap, it looks even better with the pups in and the strings on. AMAZING.
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You sir have more than delivered. phenomenal job. Flawless craftsmanship. you sir, deserve an Oscar. Or a grammy. Or some type of award.
This is simply stunnning, clean work and well thought out design, I bet the owners over the moon

That's absolutely gorgeous work on the pickup rings. How did you work with those without snapping them? The roundover specifically
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****ing fantastic man. I like all the little details like that tailpiece and the inscription on the back. I thought those rubber bands were a bag of pasta for a minute there :p

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Stunning work. Please post a video of yourself playing it.
A build this cool deserves more than just pictures.
Looks awesome!

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Utterly epic. +1000 penis power to you, my friend.

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Shameless 1 day bump because it deserves it. Just incase some poor soul missed this epicness.
wow.... that things is stunning.
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Hey, nice cameo from Kyle!
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This guitar plays amazing. The neck has some serious meat to it and yet you can still glide up and down the neck with easy when it comes to soloing ect. Love this guitar, plays better than any Gibson I've picked up. Also this is coming from a guy who only plays Ibanez RGs, and only 7 strings at that too haha.

Also the pickups sounded great even though it was through a flexwave (The Flexwave actually didn't sound bad at all after dialing in a tone). I still wanna try this out through my actual rig though.
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Now that's an original design. This is one of the best builds I've seen lately (or ever). Not redoing classics or copying existing models (not that there's anything wrong with that either, I just love to see builders come up with their own designs) but making an original one and making it with this level of skill just makes me smile (...and want to try inlaying wood on wood)
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this is possibly the most beautiful guitar I have ever seen. that inlay work is stunning man, great job!
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