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Quote by Joshua Garcia
She needs to come back so I can get dem digits.
I swear I almost got them last time.

OT: You know, as much as I bash on Pokemon, I'm tempted to ask you to draw me and Totodile jumping away from an explosion.

inb4 he does it anyway.

Also Duke, idk if you're still doing this but at the moment we're putting pictures up on mini-RAB's wall, and I think one of these would look great.

So I was wondering if you could draw me helping mini-RAB learn to ride a Growlithe or something else suitably ridable, using this picture as inspiration:

And if you wanted to do it front on, here is a picture of him holding on to a big hairy beast

But if you could do me looking slightly less creepy that'd be great
My old signature was too long. Have a daisy.

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