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Hey guys I'm exploring acoustic music. Any good bands like Bright Eyes, Balance Problems, etc?
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Although not strictly acoustic, Opeth has some really mellow tunes on their "Heritage" album
Coil is probably my fav acoustic song by them which is from "watershed " album.

Santana and Perl jam both make good use of acoustic/Spanish guitars
in a lot of their songs.

The rest of my acoustic collection is from video games and anime music, but I don't think your mentally prepared for that stuff yet :P
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Glen Hansard
Amos Lee
Damien Rice
Lisa Hannigan

I thoroughly enjoy all of these guys (and gal).
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AA Bondy
Avett Brothers
Blind Melon
Bright Eyes
The Builders and the Butchers
Colin Hay
Cory Branan
Days of the New
Deer Tick
The Head and the Heart
Mumford and Sons
Nathaniel Rateliff
Nick Drake
Strand of Oaks
William Elliott Whitmore
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Simon & Garfunkel
Neil Young - look into the albums without Crazy Horse
Beck - Sea Change
J Mascis - Several Shades of Why
Bon Iver - For Emma Forever Ago
Elliott Smith
Fleet Foxes
My Morning Jacket
Neutral Milk Hotel
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Modest Mouse, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Slightly Stoopid all have wonderful acoustic songs. They're well known but there all rock pop. also Iron & Wine, Dispatch, The Shins, Smashing Pumpkins, Wilco, and Andrew Bird have some good acoustic stuff.
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I agree with M. Ward. Add in Devendra Banhart to the mix. My first song from him, "Now That I Know", is one of my favorite acoustic tunes ever.
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John butler's first few albums are completely acoustic, gradually adding more electrics/distortion as he went on(and by that I mean on like one or two songs an album lol). The new one's kinda poppy, but I am disappoint that no one has recommened him yet!
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Oh, I forgot. Belle and Sebastian, specially the album If You're Feeling Sinister.
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Right Away, Great Captain!
Front Porch Step
Margot & The Nuclear So and Sos
Wild Sweet Orange