I have heard about this guitar and seen some images but i can't find much about it. The 2011 model looks completely different from the one on their website, which is apparently the newest model of this guitar. any videos of the 2011 model?
Hey brother i just got my 2012 Schecter Omen Solo-6 (vintage white) in the mail and here are my first look thoughts on it.

As far as 300 dollar guitars go this is the best i have ever seen or played straight out of the package. Even with the Schecter diamond + pickups (not EMG which most other-more expensive axes come with from them) it has a great sound and is very versatile. Before i played it for myself i was already looking at some new ones, but upon playing it there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with the ones already in it. Next off, my favorite feature the guitar came with is the absolutely SUPERB action it has straight out of the package. This is bar-none the most comfortable guitar i have ever played. It has a durable, solid body without being overly-heavy, and stays in tune 99.99% of the time. Also, just for good measure, Schecter put a very sharp looking inlay on the fret board instead of the traditional and boring dots.

If you are still looking for an affordable, but reliable and professional sounding guitar, i would strongly reccomend you check it out.

Thats just my thoughts on it but i figure you may find some of this information somewhat helpful. If you get it let me know what you think!! Good luck!