Is a Mesa Boogie Lone Star (Classic or Special) capable of the semi-overdriven sound that a Vox AC30 gives you?


What is the difference (in sound) between the Lone Star Classic and the Lone Star Special?

In my experience I've never found the lone star to be AC30-like at all... If anything I'd say it's a fender type sound and feel.

For a more b00t33k AC30 sound try matchless or bad cat.

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I have both the Classic and Special here. For me, both do really well with clean tones. The Special will dirty up, but I've never really gotten my Classic to sound all that dirty. I think if I cranked it up more, it would, but I just can't crank up a 100 watt amp here. The Special is easier to overdrive, due to lower wattage.

What is the difference in sound? That all depends. Because the Classic will take different tubes in the power section, it's really capable of different tones. The Special uses EL-84 tubes only. Personally, depending what I'm working on, I like both. I recommend you find a local Mesa dealer and try each to see which works for you.

Power Freak is correct - both tend to be more like the Fender tone.
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