I would love to let you here my best songs I've written.
They are written in gp6, some of you may know it...
Howeer, since its just a pc programm its not really a recording.
So songs made with a pc programm? Yes, just cuz I don't have the equipment for recordings...
So I do my best to make the sound as pro ad possible with the computer...

So here it is:

1 video for 8 songs I've written.
I've just written a fe lyrics yet, for 1 song...
Song #2 in the vid which title is :'Lost in the stoneage'
So all the songs are instrumentals meaning tht there should be singing but there isnt, cuz the lack of my equipment...

The first song is very short, its an introduction to the 'album'
Thats why its called 'introduction to a new world'

Feel free to tell me what you think, wheter you have bad comments or good...

Thank you!
Thanks for the crit!

So I guess i'll review your 3rd song. I like the build up in the intro sounds like the verve or coldplay but i keep waiting for something more to kick in, I feel like you should end on a large crescendo. Maybe a beefy guitar ringing out the chords or heavy drums.
great job man, im thinking of doing something similar, but I cant find a place I can upload full albums , I really enjoyed the album btw
Thanks for the review!

I listened to song 6:

It starts out with a really relaxed feel with the guitar and the maraccas - This would probably sound really nice if played by real instruments. The transition from the maraccas to the drums are well excecuted and the layering of the melodies are good too.

This sounds a bit like something I would expect to hear on an indie radio channel - although a bit bland to me, I think you could improve the overall song with some tasty hooks/bridges (not counting the bass thing) . But then again, my judgement are probably very biased because of the midi-ish sound of it all. The end is really good though. Keep on the good work!
Alright listening to number six. I really like the percussion in this. Simple but fills the space quite nicely. The recording itself sounds really nice. The bass is not boomy and it fills out the song really nicely. The guitars are done well. I like the underlying acoustic you have. That's a great way to add more texture to recordings. I kinda would like to hear this with vocals? Would be pretty sweet. I think all the music you have is a really really great start. Sorry it took me a little to reply. Busy weekend! Keep it up man! I dig it

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