I was just wondering how many songs/lyrics/riffs you actually use?
Like today I wrote three songs, and have decided they all kind of suck haha.
Is this normal? It takes me like ten songs before I ever fall upon something I kind of like, and then even then its only acceptable, nothing amazing. I genuinely think in the last maybe 6 months of attempting to write at least one song a day, I have one solid song, start to end I like. Thoughts?
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I tend to write a song each month. I never try to force anything out because if I do, it's just frustrating for me.

I don't think I've thrown that many songs out lately as a matter of fact. But when I started to write songs for the first time I definitely threw out a LOT. You get better as you continue and start to get a feel of what you want to do.

That's how it usually works for me
Yeah, I am definitely forcing these songs out haha. But I dunno, surely its only logical that the more you write, the better you become? So forcing myself is a good thing? Or does 'art' not work that way?

ahh, hard to say... I'm trying to remember how I started it off... I started to write when I was in 11th grade... In the summer of 11th grade, yep that's it, and I was going on to 12th. (I'm a junior now in college now)

I think you should just write whatever is inside. Whatever you feel you NEED to get on paper. Sure, eventually you might think "ugh...how did I come up with this.." But that will go away, TRUST ME. I rarely feel like that now.

Imitating the styles that your favorite artists write in also helps. Eventually you go back and think "wow, this sounds too much like so and so" and you slowly craft it into your own.

What also helped out a lot is to have someone you love/like whatever. For some reason you get ideas a lot better. And they don't necessarily have to be love songs you write about but just having that inspiration THERE makes it so much easier to write
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These are all great pieces of advice man, I think I might actually slow down and take a break from it, let some ideas come to me, see how that works.
I probably keep about a quarter of what I write. Fact is, the more you write, the more you'll throw out. But the more you write, the better your songwriting will get. So even if you struggle to write because you have to force it, force away. If you do that enough, there will become a stage where you don't have to force.
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I usually write riffs left right and center but lyrics take a little longer... say maybe 1 or 2 pieces a month.

When I force any of my work (essays, lyrics, riffs, posters, drawings, etc.) it begins to get VERY crazy. Most people love that kind of stuff when it gets out... but I'm not too fond of it myself and that's why I just like to go with the flow.
I'd love to get to the point of not being self conscious you know? Like you can't imagine Bruce Springsteen struggling to write a song! I'd love to get to that level!
A elderly lady once sat down for a portrait with a venerated artist. After only 20 minutes he proclaimed himself done. She gasped, "You can't possibly be done, it only took you 20 minutes"! He said, "20 minutes? Madam, it took me a lifetime".
Dont ever throw anything out. I have come across random lines I wrote a decade ago that have ended up in recent songs. Just because it doesnt work now doesnt mean it wont inspire something better in the future.
I write alot but throw out most of it, I scan the whole 'song' for maybe a line or two I could use later on and the rest I just delete or throw away.

Usually I can come up with a few good lines and that's it for the day haha
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I'd love to get to the point of not being self conscious you know? Like you can't imagine Bruce Springsteen struggling to write a song! I'd love to get to that level!

Bruce actually wrote something like 70 songs for Born in the U.S.A., he just didn't think that many of them were up to snuff for the album.
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i write hundreds of little melodies and shit. i also write a lot of poetry each day. though i rarely go back to them, i don't know, it's more of a moment thing i think. i am working on a novel and an experimental hip hop album though.

i'm moving this to the 'techniques' subforum because it should go there.
Maybe about 5% of what I write to paper I consider good enough to consider working into a "finished" song. I only throw stuff out though when I go through my periodic sessions of trying to put together stuff I like and want to keep.

Sometimes I'll take the same concepts and maybe a line or two, maybe a chorus, and rewrite it over and over, and never throw out the old versions until I finally take them all, and try to work it all together.

As a result, I have a stack of notebooks I keep stuff in, and literally thousands of pieces of scrap paper stuffed into them where I wrote something down at work or church or something. I've managed to clear out some of that recently, but not a lot.

Sometimes I'll write something down, say 'this sucks', but usually I'll keep it because it touches on something I wanted to writ about, and even the sucky lyric acts as a springboard later.
I throw around a lot of ideas, so I try to combine what works well together and then try to split up stuff that isn't working (incompatible verses, choruses). My favorite song that I've written came out as a combination of two pieces that just came together at the right time.

If I just can't tinker enough, or the melody/chord progression is boring, I get pissed and just throw it out. So far I've thrown out only one song I've actually completed; I try to save what I can and just make it better to try and save ideas, since they seem to come so far between for me.
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I don't like tossing out something original I've come up with. I'll only toss it (lyrics or music) if I find it's actually me remembering some song and I've basically subconsciously plagiarised. Even if you think your original piece sucks I think in most cases you can rework it. At least it doesn't hurt to keep it written somewhere.
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