Outrageous!! Nice work on both parts. Who says the only thing worth playing is new s@#!t. Ya both make me jealous! Keep up the good work!
Checking the channel. Tool covers (Jambi was good)excuse me excellent, classical music, kudos, i dont know where you guys are going, but go somewhere, these influences and abilities have potential to go somewhere. Gonna go back and look for any original material!
trying to start a band agaijn in my area. If you guys were in the hudson valley NY, I would be trying to set something up with both of you! (Piano and bass)
That was pretty solid! There were some very minor imperfections, but you managed to keep the tempo flowing evenly, which isn't always easy without a metronome or a drummer. I could always say that you could've theoretically bought some amazing recording gear and done it the proper way, but thats obvious and it wasn't the point

Nice work!