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started mounting the component's, the copper wire is for all the earth's, did'nt have a 20uf capacitor so i used two 10uf one's, is this ok,?,

The 10uF might introduce more hum due to ripple current. The amp will still work with the 10 instead of the 20, and you can decide if it needs replacing in the future.

Things are starting to get interesting.
i've used two 10uf cap's in parallel in place of the 20uf cap, from the EL84 valve,

here's my layout drawing, i've been told it's wrong, seem's ok to me, can you see anything wrong with the connection's, ?? the dotted line's are under the tag board,
(i know i missed out the earth connection on the 10uf cap)

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Is it possible for you to link to a higher resolution version? I just started looking, but I see a minor error on the right side. The 2.2k resistor should go from the 20uF to 10uF filter caps. Not from the 20uF to the screen resistor.
well amp building has ground to a halt for now, just started a new job 6 day's a week 12 hour shift's, but i've bought a few more project item's, for part's etc,,

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