Are you going to release a Windows 8 app and if so, when?
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Too bad, after all, you made an app for the small and new WP7-market.
I bought that app and like it, but a phone screen is too small for tabs/chords/lyrics.
If you need a developer for Windows 8, please let me know, I might be up for the task.
That is too bad. I have purchased a Surface tablet and will be turning in my iPhone for a Window 8 phone. I really hope that you guys will think twice about this decision. I mean, the Surface tablet sold out in the US and Canada in the first few days. I love the app and love being able to have it with me wherever I go.
Pretty please, I've been checking the Windows store nearly every day... 😢. The ug web site doesn't quite cut it with touch...

Any chance their data is in some format that is moderately documented somewhere? i'm looking for a new & interesting side project, and this would fit the bill...