Hello everyone!!

Tetramorphe is a metal band from Ventura County. We just got a vocalist and are excited to finally be able to add that extra touch to make our songs better. Our song "Black Feather" is our first song to have vocals and is just a small sample of what our music sounds like. Our first album will be a concept album that will include ten songs and the music will blow you away. All of our recordings our rough demos that were recorded at our home studio. Check out our Myspace page for Black Feather, as well as two other rough demos that have do not have vocals yet( will be up soon). Please feel free to give us your thoughts about what you like and don't like, both on UG as well as our Myspace and Facebook pages. Also, be sure to check back regularly for newer versions of our songs, as well as places we will be playing live.

Tetramorphe Infected is a Doom/Death Steel team from Tuscany, recognized in 2006 by Damien (Mortuary Beautify - Bass appears to be sounds, Disappeared - Vocals).
It started out as a team, before it designed into just one project with Damien as the individual individual.