Thank you b.vicious,

For the great tone, I used "guitar rig" with a preset that I found on other "breaking all illusion" cover on you tube: http://youtu.be/XaR5CiM4JZo

BTW, whatched your "Children of Bodom" cover - great playing!
Well done, this is in my top 3 all-time Petrucci solos (Line in the Sand and Octavarium being the other two). Slightly, and i mean slightly, choppy in spots but that's ok because it isnt really noticeable unless you're looking for things to critique--which in this case i am lol because when you're at the level of musicianship that you're at, there isn't much to critique in the first place.

Also--i dig this tone MUCH more than the one in your Fatal Tragedy video! It's a lot smoother and singing than the other one. Sounds enough like the trooch thanks to the guitar, but with your own tinkering and input worked into it. Love it!

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