figured i'd just delete the old one, it got a good handful of views but i doubt anyone knew any better than i did on this bass

forgive bad lighting/camera phone/what have you, i couldn't resist getting pictures up

can't get much info on it - i know it's a custom bass from somewhere fairly local (the guys at the store guessed euless, but there's no info online)

the brand is balestrieri. some guy sold a few of them to a local guitar store and i got a steal on it. it's obvious this hasn't got the TLC it deserves (probably a desperation sale considering how low my guy was willing to go on the price!), but some new strings, a little cleaning, and some truss rod-fiddling and this baby should be perfect.

34" scale
spalted maple top
mahogany wings set around what looks like a quilted maple block, very intradasting
bolt-on, birdseye maple neck, rosewood fingerboard, i believe quilt maple headstock
black hardware, EMG J pickups - neck vol, bridge vol, tone, pretty standard

the detail is pretty sublime - i really wish i had better pictures. maybe i'll head outside tomorrow and snap some more, but the builder really took care on this piece. little scorch marks around the pick-up cavities, the detail on the knob inlays, it's just unmistakably high quality. since the shop mostly deals in "production" brands, they weren't too worried about letting this go for - wait for it - $800.

i'd brought in some old guitar stuff, traded that in, then paid off the rest today. the owner told me when he said $800 (it was marked at $1200, with the "retail" on $2200, but i think those were just guesses) he was hoping i wouldn't actually have the money for it thankfully, he's a man of his word.

like i said, there are little bits and pieces - it's basically impeccable, but for dust and the like, and it's been sitting because the neck's bent up pretty good, but it hasn't warped or anything so i got pretty lucky. gonna get some DR high beams in the next little while as i play with the truss rod and intonation and get it sorted out.

thought you guys would like to see it (read: i wanted to brag about it) so i decided not to hold off till i'm done nursing it back to health

as for the sound, it's pretty bright, with all the maple, but not overbearingly. this'll definitely cut through the mix, and the highs are otherworldly. it'll take a little EQing to bring the rumbly bass, but it's definitely capable.

i'm not usually a big J bass guy - i've always preferred humbuckers, and all my other basses are/have been P basses (just for lack of options) but i can't wait to hear this thing in a mix. i'm not one to get attached to gear, but this seems like the exception
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Looks sick! HNBD!
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I dont even know shit about bass but that is sexy.


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Nice, gotta love love love spalted maple. HNBD!

How's it play?
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my bass is a $100 AUD eBay special..
it does the job..
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Nice, gotta love love love spalted maple. HNBD!

i need to get some good outdoor shots, it's a crime to not be able to show how unf-worthy that figuring is

How's it play?

i tightened up the neck a little earlier, i'll get the intonation all worked out tomorrow, but i just spent the last hour and a half on it, it plays like absolute butter. i just wish i could find this company so i could start saving up for a new one

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my bass is a $100 AUD eBay special..
it does the job..

before this, my main's been a Sears catalog model from the 90s i got in a pawn shop in middle school. it was one of those rare cheap basses that had good samples of wood so i could never bring myself to upgrade it
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where'd you get the bass, I'm moving up to Denton tomorrow and want to check some shops.
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where'd you get the bass, I'm moving up to Denton tomorrow and want to check some shops.

it's murphy's music, it's actually in irving so it's a bit of a drive but definitely worth a once-over.
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I've got a Balestrieri Bass. Beautiful piece of wood. Your right about being a desperation sale, as he had some medical bills to cover and was forced to unload some of his custom built guitars for whatever he could get for them.

Here's mine, you think you got a deal

Spalted maple, Mahogany, Redwood body
Maple thru-neck,two way truss, graphite rods
Artec 18v electronics
Half round super light strings

I love it except the gloss finish is a little sticky.

Anyone interested in contacting Richard Balestrieri should try through his ebay acount clickitforprofit where he occasionally sells guitars.
It looks pretty cool! HNBD! Enjoy the shit out of it!
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does anyone know how to adjust the truss-rod on the Balestrieri basses.. When i remove teh truss rod cover there is a flat peice of metal with nothing that looks like an adjustment area
mine had a regular truss rod

but i sold this one off around a year ago when i got my sage

i did find this old clip though, with some really sloppy playing

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