Schecter V-1 Classic for sale, absolutely stunning guitar but unfortunately it's the guitar I use the least at the moment, and I could do with freeing up the cash! These retail at £849 in most places (while stocks last, since it's discontinued), I'm selling this 2 month old one for £600 obo!

It's absolutely mint, the only change I've made to the guitar is a change in pickups. It originally comes with Seymour Duncan Custom Custom in the bridge and '59 in the neck, but I've changed them for a brand new balanced set of Seymour Duncan Distortions. Despite the name, these pickups are extremely articulate and punchy, but can obviously be dirtied up for some raw metal.

Set-in 25.5” scale 3pc Mahogany neck with Ultra Access neck joint, 22-fret Ebony bound fingerboard, V-1 styled Korina body, TonePros TOM w/ ‘V’ patterned thru-body, and Schecter Locking tuners. Also a coil-tap!

If you'd like to see more pics, or make me an offer, then please message me details

Sorry I forgot to mention this is a UK ad! Could a mod please change the title to say "UK"? Thanks!
No mate, sorry, that's far too low. It was already taking the piss at £350
£299..... Not bad, I may consider but I don't have the wonga at the moment. :/
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do you still have original pickups?
Call me Duncan.

Nearly always have D'addario EXL110 strings instock - just ask!

Custom made guitar slides available - choose the glass, length etc.. Engraving availible. PM or email for more info.


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no mate sorry! could do you a price with no pickups though, if they're not to your liking?
would you be willing to ship to the US? what kind of price would that be in USD? thank you
sorry I meant to get back to your post earlier, but i ended up buying a V-1 Hellraiser in black for an awesome deal, GL with your sale though, if this thing plays anything at all like mine I dont know why noone has picked it up yet!!
Thanks man! Yeah I know, the only reason this guitar isn't being kept is because I just don't need it. It plays and sounds absolutely ridiculous, and if I could afford to keep it, I would.