So not that any of this means anything...but I'm a one man band. Been recording these songs for the last year and a half in my room. Its a bit lo-fi. I play live too in Toronto with like drum machines and sometimes acoustic. Just recently made a nice little band camp page to make it look all nice.


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I thought it was pretty cool - it has a Velvet Underground kind of vibe to it. I do feel, though, that there is an element missing from your music that you would probably discover once you were able to make some higher quality recordings. That would be my only critique - there's something missing that could really give your music that extra push. All in all, what you've recorded is good. You have good vocal melodies, you create a good atmosphere, and it makes your songs very easy digestible/accessible. Good job. Here's a link to my band.


Thanks for listening, and good luck with your music.
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So Thanks for the response. Yea I really would like to make higher quality recordings, but currently that doesn't look close to where I'm at right now. I checked out your music got a really incubus feel from your music especially the song superspace. Its not really my kinda music but I have to say its well written, well recorded and I can imagine that it would sell records. I'm sure that it would also be a good live show considering the amount of energy coming of the music. Anyway thanks man. And good luck with your music too.