Hey guys. I haven't been on in a while, but its time for me to get a new guitar. I've posted alot in the past about my love for the Larrivee 3 serise and the seagull s6's. Now, I'm shopping my local craigslist and there are a few Larrivees for sale at around 800$ CA bare with no cutaway or electronics which in my opinion is wayyy too much for used.... However, there's something that really just stood out to me. There are a few Eastman's for sale.

I've known about them, but never had a chance to play them firsthand. I'm going out tomorrow to meet these people and play them. So I'm just wondering if you guys could chime in and give me some info on these? Just some background info or opinions before I get my hands dirty. Here's what I'll get to play:

Eastman e20OM for sale at $750

Eastman AC808 for sale at $600 (supposedly these are discontinued and were like top of the line?)

Eastman e60OM for sale at $700

All these guitars are stated to be in like-new condition with no noticeable damage. We'll see about that but the pictures do look legit. All come with HS cases too.

I like to play fingerstyle (such as Jung Sungha, Tanaka Akihiro, Tommy Emmanuel, Kotaro Oshio kinda stuff) but will occassionally strum some stuff. Thanks for the help guys. Hope to make a NGD post soon!
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If you are going to play them tomorrow and you fall in love with one, buy it. You don't need somebody else to give you the green light.

For those prices, you are getting a good guitar all the way around. All solid wood, gotoh hardware, etc.. Just know that the 808 is nylon string and will vary much differently.
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actually, the 808 is a 6 steel string but has the slotted headstock :P and yeah, I think I'm probably gonna be blown away by at least one of these....
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