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I picked up my first bass when I was 19 and it was all about pop back then mainly Duran Duran and A Flock of Seagulls. When I was bassless for about 10 years my music tastes have changed or been enhanced by 70s rock, metal and hard rock. I still play pop but am leaning more towards the rock side. Mainly Dio and the stuff he did in his career.

But if I were to move from practicer to perfomer it would definitely be rock/metal.
Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, and STEELY DAN!!! All thanks to my father. I also picked up bass because my friends needed some thump in their band. Listening for the bass parts has forever changed the way I hear music, in a good way.
Funk is probably my number one reason to pick up the bass, I just love the way it sounds.
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For me it was David Simms of the Jesus Lizard, Bob Weston of Shellac, and Jean Jaques Burnel of the Stranglers (first 3 albums). Some other bands that really influenced my style and sound were Girls against Boys and Fugazi.
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Funk is probably my number one reason to pick up the bass, I just love the way it sounds.

I have to second this, STRONGLY.

Also, any other kind of music where the bass either really stands out or adds a lot to the song.
I like to add to a song as if the bass is either an undertone, The heart of a song or a motor. I like basslines like those in Pugwash, Shout Out Louds and XTC songs along with XTC's alter-egos, The Dukes Of Stratosphear. Some parts from old Ventures records also help since they mostly played instrumentals.
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Anything with a heavy groove. Funk, hip-hop, reggae, etc.
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