I'm new to this site and wanted to know if there's more fans of real dirty Indie Blues music out there

Especially love bands like Legendary Shack Shakers, The Gun Club, The Kills, Von Bodies and some of The White Stripes and Black Keys stuff is pretty cool.

Jack White and Dan Auerback are obviously awesome and really revered but also there's some amazing guitarists like Jeffrey Lee Pierce, Duane Denison (awesome, weird slide work - well worth youtubing), Nels Cline and Jon Spencer who don't get the same credit

So how about you guys - who do you really dig that play this kind of music?
Pretty good stuff. Where's the band from, may have to check them out live

Any other new bands worth checking out playing this style?

I was chatting on another post about Burning Condors - their guitarist is pretty epic.
Ballistic Blues are from South Africa. You should also check out Shadowclub, Pretty Blue Guns, The Very Wicked and Machineri from South Africa or Band Of Skulls, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club internationally
You should check out The Bots. Getting loads of buzz at the moment and backing from Damon Albarn. Ridiculaously young but play raw garage blues.

Also check out Gallon Drunk from the UK
Who's the gutarist in Gallon Drunk - they sound pretty cool. Is there a bit of a scene developing for this music in the UK?