Hey fellow UG readers, doers and overall music-lovers/trolls,

I really want to know which song has this chords in the chorus! It's not a heavy song, it's really calm and the vocals are amazing. It's also really slow:

x x x x
x x x x
x x x x
5 7 7 7
7 5 6 5
x x x x

It's driving me crazy to not know by what artist is this! Please help!

Thx in advance,

Benny Zane
what genre? male or female singer? acoustic guitar or electric (or both)? did you hear it on the radio? how slow is really slow- 60 bpm 100bpm?
I think male, but with a high voice / electric guitar but not that much gain / I saw it one on youtube, was kinda indie / 'bout 80 bpm.