Good job on both of them, I really liked them! Glad to see you use a wide range in your vocals (not monotonous) with melodies that become catchy after a while. What i loved most though was the little fills/solo's between the vocals. The Pad you used on "quite a lot" was simply beautiful! Good arrangement with both the songs too.
I'd maybe change the drums up a bit. They seem too simplistic and static for me , but thats only my opinion (if you were going for the more simplistic beats, then stick with it!).
Although I don't think too many people take a liking to that type of music, I thought it was pretty awesome! Great job
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Thanks for the comments!

I know very little about electronic music, but I'll try my best to give feedback!

Will you now - This sounds absolutely awesome! It's like something out of a Sonic game haha. The vocal are really cool too, but they seem to be a little bit loud (Might be my headphones) I really like it though, the "Instruments" sound really good, and the thudding drums are bad ass!

Quite a Lot - Again, the drums are great! Vocals also sound really good. A very solid track though. I like sounds around 2:00, they're really cool!

Do you want to check out my other song I finished making today? Here's a link! https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1565474
ok I have to say the fills make both songs. The vocals are a bit pitchy but I think that stylistically works with it. Especially in quite a lot when you sing the line you may see quite a lot. My fav of the two would probably be quite a lot, its actually very catchy. The only thing I'd change on that song was the sound of the snare. For some reason the snare sound irritates me, but thats a pretty small thing compared to overall sound of the song.

Anyway check out my new cover
I listened to both of them. They are nice composition, playing is tight, your sound is also good as same as the production. Will you now has nice synth solo, but I prefer vocals on Quite a Lot and I guess I would be also my fav. Keep it up.
Wasnt sure about will you know when the intro started up, I think you could do without it or change the intro up, but it quickly got much better. I like the sound that youre getting its pretty original imo. quite a lot starts off much stronger, this one seems catchier. really liking the synth around 2 minutes. youve a lot a cool and interesting sounds and structurally they are pretty cool songs. The drums beats are very simplistic but if thats the sound youre going for then they do a good job. keep up the good work and thanks for listening to my track!
Will you now:
It has nice synthies,and in my opinion a somehow 80s sound (especially the synth-solo!).
What i didn't like that much were that the vocals are a bit too overdone in my opinion, a little less could have been more here - but thats just my opinion

Quite a Lot:
you're doing a good job keeping the sound "alive" while using synths, which i find quite difficult, good job! you're creating a nice athmospheric soundwall, but i would say that a few "real" guitars in some parts could have made a huge difference for the song - in a positive way. But still a nicely composed song!
I'm "Will you know" is good. I like very much the vocals. That's reminds me something else but I have forgot ....
Like "Thunderhaus", I find that's a little like some 80's stuff and I like that.

The begin of "Quite a lot" reminds me some albums of Depeche Mode.
I like this song too. I think I'll listen these songs and the others later cause I like this kind of music.
I think you're a 80's addict, isn't it ? lol

(sorry for my english ...)
Hey Aaron, thanks for the crit on mine, very detailed as ever
On to your stuff anyway...

Will You Now: A more electronic sound to start with than your usual style, but it I like it. The piano part is cool and then I like the riff at 0:30, really heavy. The heavy delay/reverb on the vocals suits the music very well. However I do think the vocals are slightly high in the mix compared to the over instruments. The keyboard sounds coming in around 1:40 are really cool too, seems like you've been experimenting a bit with different ideas, and I'm seems to have been a great success! Lead keyboard part I like a lot as well.

Quite a Lot- This song has a nice atmosphere, as has been mentioned, the pad sounds really great. The production and overall sound of this song is top notch, all the little electronic sounds are really cool. I like the chilled out vibe to the song.

Overall, I really enjoyed these a lot, top work! You've managed to branch out to a slightly different type of music, but retained your own recognisable style at the same time. Excellent songwriting!
Will You Now: I liked it for the most part, sounds very experimental to me, however, I dug it. Great job, not much I can say about this song, the vocals fit well. It was overall a very nice song.

Quite a Lot: I REALLY REALLY enjoyed this one. The intro, was extremely interesting. The drum beat that starts under it is so basic, but fits so well. Its perfect imo. I like how this song evolves throughout as well. Overall, great song!
Will You Now - Like the intro sounds and bursts. The main synth sounds nice, and the drums do too, but I feel the song might benefit if the drums were a bit punchier, that's just me though. The vocals sound nice, but they could be a bit lower in the mix I think, that or maybe EQ'd differently. Really like the synth solo at around 2:15, kind of a basic sound but it sounds cool. Nice song.

Quite A Lot - Nice ambient synths. The vocals sound the same as the other track. I like the sounds in this one better, they're cool. The parts being played also sound good. Also a good track.
Will You Now is nice & boppy - not sure about entirely losing the bass for the section 2.05-2.40, I think I'd have brought it back in a little earlier, but that's just personal preference really.

There's a little bit too much effect on the vocals for my taste but otherwise the mix sounds fine to me - kick's nice & present, other instruments aren't obscuring each other, could maybe do with a fraction more in the highs (but that could just be the shitty headphones I'm listening on).

Quite A Lot - a bit more downtempo than the first track, but it's got plenty of different sounds to keep things moving along so it doesn't get boring.

Mix-wise I'd say it's about the same as Will You Now but you've put less effect on the vox so it doesn't sound quite as overdone.

Style-wise they both sound like they're straight outta the 80s - reminds me of being a kid again
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Dude, kick ass tracks man! I love your sounds. Im not too sure about some parts Will you, but man I'm tripping on your beats. I love your fills man and how they totally complete the tracks. I cant say anything about the mix, I'm not too good at that, but overall, Im completely digging it!

Crit mine bro:

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Quite A Lot:

I like the mixing on this track a lot. I love the ambience of it, and I found that your droll, sarcastic vocal style actually grew on me the second time I listened through this song.
I think that for this song's genre it's perfect and there's nothing I, personally, would change

Will You Now:

There's a good riff on this song. Although, I'm less fond of your vocal style on this song, it's a little out of place, too much delay. But the music is well mixed. I would add more bass to this track and make the drums more pronounced. (But that's just a personal preference)
Will You Now:

I really liked this one a lot. I like the production you've done with the vocals, but the music behind it needs to be a little more filled out to help lift the vocal up even higher. The mix doesn't sound very wide, perhaps you could try panning the bass and drums out a bit, to utilize more width of the stereo field? Just an idea. Maybe EQ more low end into the bass throughout the song. Besides that, it's a really cool song with a unique vibe, I'm into it. Nice work man.

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Thank you for the reviews! I appreciate it! Yes, I am addicted to 80's music (and 70's music, but I usually sound like the 80's).
The tracks you highlighted both definitely sound good, and high quality. Kinda like video game stage music to be completely honest. Good stuff!
I listened to "Will you now".
I'll be honest and say, that I'm not into that kind of music so its hard to give good feedback, but:
The mix is nice and clean, though I would've liked if vocals were bit quieter.
As u stated before, you like 80's music and I really get that vibe from your song, which I think is good if u wanted to achieve that.
"Will you now"
Not my cop of tea, a bit too "happy sounding" for my taste. I don't think the vocals fit that well with the music, would have been appropiate if u made the music heavier and the vocals would fit more. I like the mix however and the song flows well. Good job
Will You Know - Good lead synth solo. The beat reminds me of Kate Nash's Caroline's A Victim - if you've never heard that check it out and you'll definitely see what I mean.

Quite A Lot - I can tell it was written by the same person, so you have a distinctive style which is a good thing. I like the layering of sounds in this one, which generates an effective mood. The sound is giving me a not unpleasant nostalgia feel.

Both tracks share 'mad scientist' vocals, which impart an ironic or knowing feel to the proceedings and definitely mark them out as your songs - the distinctive style again. If these songs were on the radio on Grand Theft Auto IV I'd play them while driving!

C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1566536
Listening to Will You Now. I really liked the synth leads you got going on, they sound nice. I don't particularly for the vocals on this track though. You got too much reverb on them or something for my taste. The solo was a tad interesting, brought a good change of pace. Not too bad of a song
Hey this is pretty cool Nice to see this musical genre represented here.

"Will you now" is very catchy and 80ies-bouncy in a good way. I thought the vocals maybe had a little too much effects and were, to use a word I saw someone else use in a post above mine, a bit "pitchy". But apart from that I really digged it!

"Quite A Lot" reminded me more of a less minimalistic Kraftwerk. I loved it.

Again great to see/hear this type of music here! Keep it coming!

Man I dig the synths and other sounds you use. I would love to be able to do some of that stuff. Good job
Jay Cartay stole the words from me. That synth is NASTY. I'm not even gonna beat around the bush dude, the song is sick. Professional quality stuff. Great art. I really dig it. Listened to Will You Now first but the previous applies to both. Quite a Lot - great melody, trippy dude. I could hear it in a movie.

Very nice stuff man pleasure to listen to. Looking forward to hearing more. I dig whatcha got goin on man it's unique.

edit: oh there's more on there, arab spies in spain noice
Will You Now - Again I hear Depeche Mode man, it's got a great strong beat, harrowing vocals and I like the breakdown at the 2.20 mark. The bass is low and dirty - great production. I can only say keep up the good work - maybe some handclaps? I just love me some handclaps though so that's hardly crit lol

Quite A Lot - same as before. I like the ambient backing vocals, I picture this in a film, black and white. I know I asked this previously, but reminded me, it was an Audio Technica Mic which you double track with for your vocals right?

Great work man, please add me and my band on soundcloud. Both links in my sig (Mr Jingles is my band, would love your thoughts on those tracks)
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Thank you for the reviews, I appreciate it! On every song on my website with male vocals (there are just a few with female vocals), it is me singing into a Audio-Technica PR335 Unidirectional Dynamic Microphone (from 1994). These two songs don't have double-tracked vocals, just lots of effects (like delay). The ambient backing vocals on "Quite A Lot" are synth: Korg TR-Rack, as is everything else instrumentally in the song (and in "Will You Now" also).
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Rokkstar, paidepk, tottsk1, Jehannum, Joshua1207, Splitvision, JayCartay, shortyafter, The Revival, rocknrollstar,

Thank you for the reviews, I appreciate it! On every song on my website with male vocals (there are just a few with female vocals), it is me singing into a Audio-Technica PR335 Unidirectional Dynamic Microphone (from 1994). These two songs don't have double-tracked vocals, just lots of effects (like delay). The ambient backing vocals on "Quite A Lot" are synth: Korg TR-Rack, as is everything else instrumentally in the song (and in "Will You Now" also).

Such a great sound man, I wish I had the patience to create more electronic stuff - there's so much you can do. You've definitely got your own sound man, nice to hear you again
Will you know - Crazy intersting start, pianos sound great. Absolutely genius transition. Like the extreme 'verb or delay on the vocals. Strangly addictive to listen to you the more I hear the more im hooked in. Great trumpet style synth thing change after what i thinks the main verse. Great drop out and amazing old school synth sound. I've critted your stuff in the past and you've gotten extemely good now, well impressed great work, loads of hooks and different style fusions.

Quite a lot - the start seems quite minimalist, I like the sci fi lazer sound, maybe it happens to regularly so it looses it's impact, it kinda of jumps out of the mix and overrides other things going on in the background. If you made them less often and had them happen sporadicly would add another layer of interest, but it kinda detracts from the rest of the song. Great style and great track none the less.
Liked the synths and the vocals, production quality was tight as well. I did feel like I was collecting golden rings in the Emerald Hills.
Cheked out both the tracks.....Stuff reminds me of a crossover between Depeche Mode and a bit of Manson and Radiohead (I'm not that big into electronica) Overall pretty trippy but I think it should be a lil more bass heavy.
Will You Know
First though is there isn't enough top end presence in the synths. Vocals are crazy! Haha, in a good way. Could do with utilising the stereo space a bit more with the percussion. What'd you use for that grungy bass sound?
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Thank you for your comments, I appreciate it! For "Will You Now" and "Quite A Lot", everything instrumental (including the drums) is Korg TR-Rack (the rack mount version of the Trinity keyboard synth).
Will You Know: not my sort of music so not sure how helpful I can be, but I like the tone a lot and the track definitely progresses at the right time. Interesting vocals, definitely work well, might consider spreading some of the tracks out a bit - they all seem a bit congested in the middle space, but just a small thing. Overall really good stuff!

Quite a Lot: I prefer this one, like the percussive effects and the synth chords. Nice vocals again. It's got quite a retro-ish vive, agree about the GTA vibe that Jehannum mentioned! Overall I wouldn't change much at all, maybe it's just missing the one real instrument track to add the finishing touch?

Thanks for the crit on my piece.
Will you now: You have some very good riffs but what makes the song interesting is the vocals. They are great and memorable. I'm not into this kind of music at all but I like it!

Quite a lot: the better one (at least for me). I like the dreamy atmosphere. However I feel that "normal" vocals will suit the song better. Everything else is good.
sorry for taking so long to crit. been busy lately.

listened to Will You Now. it didn't interest me really, not that i didn't like it, it's just i'm not in that mood so to speak. i'm almost sure it would sound way different to me stoned, it's kind of trippy in a certain way, a lot of it due to the vocals (veeeerrrby as helll). weird but nice, definitely sounds different. the synth parts were cool too, and the effects and everything were pretty well done. the mix is pretty decent too. but the vocals kind of made this for me. they were used sparingly but it worked better that way i think.