Spotify doesn't have any listings of any of their "good stuff"

Recommend me some of their best stuff?

I hear about how amazing they were and want to know what they mean.
spotify doesn't have the beatles on the count of the rights to the music.
BUT, if your looking for beatles, youtube can help.
check out my favorite albums--> white album, abbey road, sgt. pepper.
Just listen to everything, but my personal favorites albums are Abbey Road, Revolver, Rubber Soul and Let It Be
You can't really go wrong with any album...my first one was sgt pepper though and it blew my mind.
Please Please me: Skip
Beatles for sale: Skip
With The Beatles: Interesting songs, give it a try
A Hard Day's Night: Give it a try, classic early Beatles
Help!: Break to Beatles next step
Rubber Soul: One of the first great records of all time
Revolver: Must have
Sgt. Pepper's: Must Have
Magical Mystery Tour: You need an open mind or acid mind for this one
Yellow Submarine: Throw it to the thrash bin
White Album: Definitely Must Have
Abbey Road: A must have for any musician or listener
Let it Be: Give it a try! half of it are pure classics, the rest mehh.
I was 11years old when the beatles came along and I started to play the guitar because of them,they change the world in so many ways from music,sounds, recording 2/4/8track and more,the cloths everything,in some way today you can thank the beatles for the standed of recording we have to the amps we use,for me the music is the best and will live for ever,it also brings great peace and joy when i play it.I think rubber soul and on wards where the best, abby road is right at the top for me
The Beatles! My favorite band! Well i love all of their songs but my favorite are:
Hey Jude
Let it be
Across the universe
Hello goodbye
Imagine (John Lennon)
You can play all of these on guitar!
I was a big Beatles fan when I was six years old and most likely because a six year old would be carried away with the trends of the day if exposed to them whatever they might be.

Anyway, my dad had two tickets for he and I to see them at Fulton County Stadium on August 18, 1965, during their 1965 tour. As a six year old I was also swayed by events of the moment which, just an hour before the concert involved my soon to be step-brother and I playing with my Tonka Toy trucks. When it came time to leave for the concert I decided I'd rather continue playing with the Tonka Toys.

I had this particular car carrier except mine was yellow with the red and yellow corvettes that it hauled among other Tonka products.

I can remember my dad leaving to go sell the tickets and my thoughts of wanting to go after all upon his departing the house and making the trip to sell the tickets. He apparently had no trouble selling them as he was back within 15 minutes.

I can remember those moments surrounding the events I've described above just like I'm watching them on a movie screen. They are just that vivid. One of those memories that is forever etched upon my mind, and one of which I can't help but wonder what might have been had I seen the Beatles in concert and the possible influence it would have had on me musically thereafter.

Many, many years later I did catch Ringo Starr and His All Star Band in Biloxi, Mississippi. We even made eye contact for a few seconds that resulted in this photograph. He, and the rest of the band who are top artists in their own right, put on a great show.

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In my opinion the albums Rubber Soul, Revolver, and Sergent Pepper's are probably their greatest works (also a big fan of Magical Mystery Tour). The range in styles contained in these albums are enormous. Songs can range from deep emotional ballads (In My Life, Elanor Rigby, A Day in the Life) to catchy rock classics (The Word, With a Little Help From my Friends, Drive my Car) to great folksy tunes (Nowhere Man, Norwegian Wood) all the way to full blown psychedelia (Love You Too, She Said She Said, Tomorrow Never Knows, Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, I Am the Walrus).

The thing that makes the Beatles awesome is they do all these genres so well. They use so many interesting instruments in their songs. Did you hear any sitars and tamburas in Western Rock and Roll before this? If anybody is a big Beatles fan and has not seen the Beatles Anthology Documentary Series I highly recommend it.
Let It Be is one of my all-time favorite songs. That is words to live by right there.
Play Loud! Play Fast! Play Raw!
DEFINITELY you have to listen to Rubber Soul, Revolver, Sgt. Peppers, and The Bealtes (White Album). IMO the 4 greatest Beatles albums.
If you really want to understand them, listen to Revolver, then Let it Be. If you notice the huge difference in style, you've understood the Beatles mate!
"while my guitar gently weeps" from the White album. BEST SONG BY THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!