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Another thing to think about is the output of whatever you're using. Dumb items, like resistive heaters, don't care what they are fed. Things with switching power supplies (like lightweight wall warts) can't survive on half-wave rectified AC. That's why you see the catchphrase "true sine wave output" on the more expensive UPS for computers and communications gear.

That being said, I've used a LOT of battery powered stuff in the field. You can buy used marine deep cycle batteries kind of cheap. Put a squirt of new acid in them, and cycle them with a smart charger, and they can be great. Build a cheap, simple wooden box, load a couple of batts in them along with the inverter and charger, put some handles on it and you can be good to go pretty quickly. Just use good craft in making up your connections, and test the thing in your backyard before you commit to taking your creation anywhere you might be mocked, and you'll be fine!

PS - the new heat are those Li-po battery packs the R/C nuts use now.