Your father played the prancing fool
At birthday parties lost to time
Until you watched his coffin burn
When you were too young to have learned
That there's a point of no return
A cocktail of contempt and scorn
Brewed on the day that you were born
Now he's a-watching from a star
And I hope you're proud of who you are
And every bell that has been rung
Tolls out to say “your dream is done”

And the remains of what we were
Are stuck on walls we used to know
Faded prints in silver frames
Of smiling children in the snow
And though we shouldered all the blame
We're never going back again

And we must pick up every shard,
Of mirrors broken in our hearts.
We tried to order back the tide.
We never learned to toe the line,
To learn what's yours and what is mine.
Another day in paradise
Has happened once, will happen twice.
But now the bridge is falling down,
Falling upon your thorny crown.
And flames upon the mantelpiece
Throw light across your self-deceit


Surrender to the spiral winds
The rip-tide carries what you loved
And life will never be the same,
If nothing else, we'll make that plain
So find somewhere to start again
And if you happen to grow old
Think back on what you once were told
Don't let the dreams of fading light
Conspire to keep you up at night
No-body leaves this life alive
So just sit back, enjoy the ride


We're never going back again (X3)
Wow, I'm just learning but looks really good to me. Its a bit preachy if thats what you're after. Definately easy to imagine this being sung to a variety of music styles.

edit: wondering why you didnt rhyme the first three lines but did the rest. Not an issue just curious as I'm learning, is it a particular style?
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mac_attack - the way i'm playing this song has the first two lines of the verse sung much slower and kind of disconnected to the rest, then it picks up pace into the rest of the verse so the rhyme isn't necessary on them, it just feels forced. What did you mean by preachy, exactly?
kk, anyway I like it. I dont mean preaching like in a bad sense, just seems like a long song to have such a relentless attack. But the delivery will be a factor of course. This can also make a good song too, look at gotye or I'll stick around by the foo, though they seem like more simple songs.

Dont be offended because keep in mind I wanted to give a comment other than its just great and maybe give you some pause to think, so I'm digging a bit.

I enjoy the imagery and the way you conclude the last verse looking forward.
This is a really great song. I know i say it a lot, but i genuinely mean this. The background story keeps it interesting, and the adjectives are well used to describe the emotion.