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Alright, built and tested one and did a tutorial in the 20 minutes since my last post. And half of that time was spent trying to find a pair of jacks in my pile of parts. You can have this one for $30 shipped.

Oh ya, forgot to throw a treble bleed on. I guarantee you no volume box guy is doing this. Helps even out the rotation and keep the treble response linear across the volume range.

It's just a 680p cap/150k resistor in parallel with the volume pot.
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The only thing that I will add to this FX loop volume box discussion is.... If you know the input impedance of the FX return, you should select a pot that is close to it. That will give you a much better sweep on the pot.
This thing works great by the way. Highly recommended for those trying to tame loud amps. Makes a big difference.
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