Hey all i've been playing electric guitar for six years and am looking to learn how to play finger style after seeing Tommy play live. Any instructional DVD's, must learn songs or tips? All responses are welcome.. just keep it clean cause im 14
Classical Gas is a great one to learn.

This was one of the first ones i learned, it's a great song and it's relatively simple, a good place to start with fingerpicking.


Fleetwood Mac's guitarist does a lot of fingerpicking, so listen to some more of their songs. I'd recommend Big Love and Never Going Back Again.

Babe I'm Gonna Leave You by Led Zeppelin was the first fingerpickish song I learned. After you get the hang of it, maybe try some classical stuff. Francisco Tarrega is a good composer to learn from.
Check out the book "Pumping Nylon". It will have enough of what you need to get you well into fingerstyle.
If you're brand new to finger picking which it sounds like you are...I would start with something easy just like everything else in life....Try learning Blackbird by the Beatles....Easiest finger stlye song I can think of....