so I had a fender princeton 65 reverb that the pcb got cracked into pieces due to some extreme circumstances of bad luck. it seems all of the parts themselves are good however which made me decide that I should plan and Build an ss amp out of it. so heres basicaly my questions. I have started de soldering all of the components off because aboslutely none of the pcb is usable, what Can I build with these. Im trying to find a schematic for the amp so you guys can see what parts are on it cause obviously that is the most important part. Im assuming that no matter how I wire the power amp it will be 65 watts or there abouts so where can I find a good diagram for a power amp around that wattage? also what would be a good preamp to build for that power rating? Basicaly im gonna use a fender type, 3 pot tone stack if possible. It is primarily going to be used for metal music but the pre amp doesnt really need to be hi gain just want it to be a fairly simple build. I can build a distortion pedal with whats left over hopefully to take care of the needed gain. umm Thats all I can think of right now really if You need more info to answer me please inform me of what you would need. till then ill be surfing ssguit**.com for inspiration