Check out my band's new single and tell me what you think eh.


New Jersey Metal band, Divided Skies, formed in Paterson in 2008. Comprised of*Roy Torres (Vox/guitar),*Brandon Morrell (Guitars), Omar Shaheed (Drums) and*Justin Sita (Bass), the band namechecks a*diverse range of influences - from*Megadeth to*Jimi Hendrix Experience and*Opeth*to Dream Theater.

Already with two releases under their belt, 2008's "Skies Divided" followed by "Written in Blood" in 2010, Divided Skies is now setting up for the release of their EP, "Skylines", later this year and wants to continue to create memorable sounds, grow as musicians and make their mark on the music world.

The band has recently inked with Artist Management/Band Development firm, The Inner Light Agency (iLA).

"These guys are awesome," says iLA Agent, Damon Moreno. "Divided Skies is full of heart, ability and passion. Watch out for tours, new music and more great things from this band coming soon!"
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More post-hardcore? No thanks.

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i wouldn't say post-hardcore, sounds quite a bit like circa survive.

unless you're talking about a-day-to-remember rather than la dispute or defeater

song's good, not particularly memorable or original, though
modes are a social construct
Not really my cup of tea. Even if it was I'd still like to add: check for spelling mistakes before you release your next video. It's very easy and quick to do and there's no reason why you shouldn't. :\
Vocals had a nasal'yness to them which I wasn't a fan of.

The solo wasn't great but I did like that section, was a subtle change in style that worked.