Sorry if this is in the wrong forum or has been answered already. I am purchasing a SAGA TC-10 kit from universaljems. The neck head stock is already pre carved and there is shielding paint is applied. I just want to build this guitar to 'get my feet wet' and make it a learning experience. My question though is how to paint it. From my understanding there is a sealer placed on the guitar. Do I break the sealer and then start painting? I also plan on using Re Ranch aerosol paint but I don't know what else I need (Primer/Clear Coat finisher etc.), nor do I know how many coats to apply or how long to wait in between each coat. Thank you for anyone that responds. This is my first build, if that was not already apparent and I would like to use is the surf green Re Ranch Fender Color.
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There is a painting/refinishing thread, which might answer some of your questions, though some of the links are dead(the first post is 5 years old, so...)
Post #3 does contain a tutorial on spray painting, which could help.

EDIT: It's underneath the paint on plastic one.
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Ive built the HT-10 kit. Are you trying to do a stain or a solid color paint job? I did a bust stain and sanded down the top so that it would accept the stain better since i was doing a translucent finish. If you are doing an opaque finish it is my understanding that you dont need to sand off the sealer at all and can just start painting it as is (thats what i did on my first attempt but i had a run in the finish so i started all over sanding through the sealer). Theyre good kits for starting. Make sure you replace the wiring on the electronics with point to point soldering instead of the snap wiring it comes with.