Does anyone else feel like there's too much of an emphasis for younger players to sound "jazzy?" I never had this issue (I probably owe a lot of that to a great teacher), but I notice when less experienced players ask me for advice on playing, there's almost always some sense of mystery. Guitar players especially, since the guitar is an instrument that naturally doesn't sound jazzy (play a few coltrane solos on guitar, it sounds like metal).

And don't get me wrong, I absolutely believe in teaching/learning jazzier styles of playing, but I tell of my students and friends that jazz is just some arbitrary term, and how they want to play supersedes that. It should develop over time, moving and growing however they do. Just wondering if anyone else has seen/experienced this or had any thoughts.
There's mystery because of a lack of knowledge. Perhaps because a lot of people have the tendency to approach new things with too much humility, therefore making it somehow "mysterious" or almost magical.

You have to understand, the harmonic complexity of some types of jazz is a lot to take for someone who's new to it. It's difficult to wrap your head around all those changes, jumping from keys to keys in moments. You just really have to know your shit, and learn to apply it to your playing in order to develop into a potent jazz player.

It seems like you're saying they're trying to make their playing jazzier for the sake of being jazzy, am I not mistaken? Well, I don't know what to say to that. There are people who play technical for the sake of being technical. To each his own. Still, I don't fully see what "making it jazzier" means really. You're being quite vague about it really. You perhaps mean trying to make it "unorthodox" or "weird" or something? Or trying to sound like Metheny or some other jazz player?
ambient noise soundscapes with electronics---that to me seems jazz-

i think i'm really "jazz inclined"--but i dont care about if its traditional--or what\\

just jamming
my identity problem is that---i gotta get my computer groove together

i want to be able to jam with people online
i gotta get started compiling the right equipment and such

i kept ignoring the computer world---in order to keep jamming with my bands

but now i'm behind
so this begins my climb---cuz this is my second post
anyway---hopefully all the improvisors will be able to get together---we could jam over cool ass computer music

^lol wat

And my bad, it seems that these kids (and even some teachers I know) push trying to sound jazzy almost excessively, rather than let them develop gradually. I guess I'm just seeing a lot of cats overcomplicating things when it comes to playing jazz.

Like when someone looks on players like Grant Green or Kenny Burrell for not always sounding "jazzy". Sorry if I'm unclear, it's kind of hard for me to describe since I don't fully get it myself.