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Presented ichi with 50 randomly picked series. These are his results.

Pretty impressive considering I tried my best to filter out shows that seemed too mainstream
ggg1 ggg3

are you not happy with how you did

or are you still berating me for including 'fairy tale' like srsly i dont know whats popular
ggg1 ggg3

the test was flawed all round and the RNG played too big a factor too

you skip mainstream things but dont skip fairy tail
you skip haruhi purely because you knew i already watched it

you were clearly not fit to be the one doing this test
i mean you told me the same morning that you watched it i kinda had to skip that one

even with the crappy ostrich bias you did really well

ggg1 ggg3

hmmm i dunno. it's my day off today, so I could, but i really can't be bothered.

You make one. and make it Disappearance/Nagato themed.
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hmmm i dunno. it's my day off today, so I could, but i really can't be bothered.

You make one. and make it Disappearance/Nagato themed.

Paul make the new thread already.
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that is the worst idea ever and i know shred

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tbh i don't even really have any interest in more haruhi

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I've hear that next season falls on an anniversary for them and they're doing something big for it. Maybe a long overdue second cour to something.

are you alluding to something specific? nichijou? hyouka?
those are really the only two i'd care for a season 2 of.
hyouka felt like a failed haruhi
its like haruhi if didnt actually have any supernatural stuff but thats the bit that makes it interesting

was nichijou kyoani it really didnt feel like it

totally want more haruhi tho like obsessively so
i bought the first novel to see if i can actually read a book without getting bored of reading it
hope i can because i need to continue this deep and interesting plot

srsly disappearance was the only movie ive ever watched without having to pause it to take a break i was actually hooked the entire time this has never happened before ever
idk i only even watched like 1/4th of the nagato yuki-chan anime, and i thought that was better than real haruhi anyway

was nichijou kyoani? idk i just look up kyoani on MAL and everything listed there i assume they made

i liked hyouka a lot more than haruhi, but the movie was 10/10 yeah
i really like yuki too as its own thing its just really fun its not interesting tho which is why i like haruhi its just so INTERESTING

very few anime (or anything really) actually leave me thinking and wanting to just know more about things