I recently began thinking about picking up guitar. Many years ago (40 ish lol) took lessons for piano, flute and guitar (not sure how flute go in there lol). Dropped piano and flute, liked guitar but eventually dropped it because my mom wanted me to stick with acoustic, and I had other ideas. I have loved music all my life (passionately), but I have always been a bystander. Recently I found out I am going to do an 18 month assignment away from home, and thought this might be an opportunity to start learning again when I am not flying home.

I will need to love the guitar I start out with, and it will need to be capable of playing the music I like (currently listening to Halestorm, EV, Lacuna Coil, Cavo), even though it may be some time before I can play anything that I love lol. I was thinking along the lines of the Les Paul shred, but am open to any good ideas. I have small hands, not sure if that will complicate things.

Will I be able to practice in an apartment without my neighbors having me evicted? Any thoughts on how I can work thru apartment life with an electric guitar?

Any good Mac software out there that you would recommend to help focus my practice time? I am planning on finding someone I can take lessons from once I get to Atlanta, but anything that can help at home I am game for.

What else do I need? Small amp....

I would normally try a music store with these questions, but afraid I do not know enough to identify a salesman just looking to make some money.

Any advice appreciated!

Hey John,

theres a website that you can go to and download songs without the guitar part I went there and found all my fave tracks from ACDC. I use a Line6 mobile that glugs into my iPad or iPhone and you can emulate any sound you can thing of. The line 6 app also allows you to play the song you downloaded from: http://www.guitarbackingtrack.com/
For me this has been the best thing I have ever done to rekindle my playing.

Also check out for guitar stuff: http://www.musicandguitars.com