Song for Stephen

I sat down and learned this over the last week or so. I'm lost at what to improve upon my playing. I was playing the slap harmonics, I just couldn't get them to come through the mic for some reason. Is there a better way I could have recorded this? Thanks in advance!

C4C as always
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*sigh* typical UG. Someone posts a solid Antoine Dufour arrangement and no one gives two ****s. Sorry kid.
I thought it was really good overall, a bit of slop at one or two spots but you gave a great effort. There was some timing issues but nothing that I can ridicule, there's no way I could ever play that like you did. Keep it up man
Well thanks! This forum seems to be made up of people that only want feedback on their own music and don't care to help others, so thank you for the honest critique. Could you be a bit more specific on the "slop?" I'm not sure where you mean...
Well if you really wanna have a good recording uploaded, I would do it on a steel string if it's available; the song just doesn't have the same feel on that nylon string.
As far as what McJazzy said, I agree that this is a great cover. But, you might want to practice with a metronome because there are some timing issues -especially when you retune the low e-. Antoine plays this song a bit faster on youtube I think. There is some "slop", just parts that could've been played more clearly. But definitely a great cover^_^
I have a steel string but it's not exactly a good one :/. I bought it at a pawn shop for $75. If you haven't played a classical before, the tuning pegs are almost always at a lower gear ration than electric or steel string. To make up for this, I gave myself an extra 2 bars. Thanks
Yo bro great cover!
Its awesome that your trying to get better be seeking out advice and help. Keep doing it until your more than satisfied with your work!

First thing I would say that helps is to play exactly like the original version. LISTENING is the most important thing. When you can play a cover exactly like the original, you discover the technique that the original composer was doing. And in turn develop your style based off those techniques.

Keep that slap consistent like in the original version of "song for stephen". While your doing the hammer on on fret 1 on the high E string, slap at the same time you hammer on on 1.

Play to a metronome, this will help your timing and make you sound more pro.

Play along to the song A LOT. If you hear something that your not doing that's in the original, go back and figure out what it is and try and do it.

But most of all, practice practice practice, and dont settle for anything less than perfection. Because that is what will make you great.