Sounds pretty good dude! I think the ending sequence was the best bit. The solo stuff you had going sounded really great Only problem I have is that sudden change at about 1:00 in. It didn't really flow at all, but you might've been going for that so whatever haha.

I enjoyed listening to it though! Thank you for the crit and also thank you for following me on SC!
This is interesting, kinda like several influences bottled into 1 Like i know you mentioned mastadon n I can definately hear that at "1:51" but some of this reminds me of alil Deftones n Buckethead n also some mellow post rock in the beginning and then that spanish style at the end nice all those styles uhm can u say Virtuoso

n that part were it sounded you were tapping was pretty cool
From my point of view as a guitar player listening to your playing I cant find anything that needs improvement I think i might be becoming a fan now, if you had a youtube channel or something i could watch/listen more that would be nice btw you gotta tell me what C4C means ... i keep seeing that all over


If you can spare a moment
"its not the destination.... so much as the journey" one once said
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^^C4C means critique for critique

song has good potential, could use some tweaks IMO. for example the long pause after the intro could be shortened a little. i find the mix could use some work as well, the drums aren't very clear. they could be pushed up in the mix, specially the kick and snare. interesting song tho, good job.

just uploaded my new song, check it out if u want:

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Thanks for listening to the track, guys. If you click the same link, you can hear the song again, completed with vocals and minor composition/recording errors fixed, like the dissonant note in the intro for instance.
I'm really liking the structure of this song. It flows REALLY well. I'm assuming there isn't any bass here as well ? :P The riffs merge perfectly.

I don't wanna be harsh but your vocals could use alot of work. They stand out too much in the mix. From what I've heard of prog metal songs, the vocals usually have alot of reverb and/or delay to them to give them that ethereal feel. I'd recommend hearing a lil bit of Cynic and trying to emulate Masvidal's vocal effects and production ( like singing the main melody in your original range and then the harmony an octave higher )

I can't really crit the mix because I'm listening to it on my laptop speakers but I'm assuming this is still a demo mix. However, i find ure drums to be lacking, and u need to mix em right, becuz the splash is just killing me :P

Overall a very good song with lots of potential. Will defly be following the progress of this song. Good work man !