Hey bud,

Instrumentally I liked all the things the guitar(s) were doing, although I will admit I liked what it was you were actually playing as well as the actual tone of your guitars more at the end when they went clean. That part was cool. Esp with the background images. Heh. Anyhow.

I think you need some drums on this man. Maybe not bass, but the guitars by themselves aren't doing it for me. Use the drums to structure and progress the song's mood based on what you've got here.


If you would C4C, it's prog rock.
"its not the destination.... so much as the journey" one once said
It's good, I think you could probably make the distorted part at the beginning a bit more interesting by changing the rhythm or something like that (although it might just be that it needs drums), and could maybe expand on it or add another section like it. I liked the clean section, although you might need a better way to transition into it. I agree with other people that it would sound better with drums as well.