The guitar in question is a Jackson dk2s and I'm going to be using all Jackson parts. I would like to ask anyone who may have experience in this area, would it be more cost effective to buy a fretboard and have it replaced professionally installed of buy the whole neck?
And also if fretboard where can I find them or would I have to specifically order from Jackson.
as for cost, I cannot really comment (I would imagine extremely expensive), but replacing the fingerboard is a very time consuming endeavor. apart from removing the old fretboard, you would have to have a new one manufactured (jackson will not sell you one), fretted, attached and finished. it is a stupid amount of work and will not be cost effective in any way. go with a new neck.

why do you want to replace the fretboard anyways?
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Well that was a quick and easy response. That was what I was thinking but wanted to see opinions. Thank you
i would just get a whole new neck, cause then any probelms with the neck will also be fixed
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I'm going to be using all Jackson parts.

Besides the neck, what else are you replacing? If you're doing the trem for instance a jackson licensed floyd as originally fitted would not be the way to go, pop an OFR in there, it makes a huge difference! So much more stable, and way more responsive.

My point is that while jackson generally do make good guitars, not all their parts are that great so it is worth looking at compatible alternatives for some things such as tuners and trems.
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