I just bought an AC30 and i'm in love. but i need a new cab. ive been rockin a marshall avt 412 for a while and it just isnt the right matchup for the vox. also i'd like to go down to a 212. i play rock mostly. modern alternative kind of stuff, but i do a little bit of indie type stuff too. I would even be open to buying an emtpy cab and putting speakers in it but i just dont know what speakers would be best for me and i dont have a way to try it all out : / so what do you guys think? I'm not looking to spend a thousand dollars but i know a good quality cab is gonna cost money so price range isnt super important
If you can't find anything in this vein used, I'd get this:

Get an unloaded Avatar 2x12 ($350). Any style you want but I'd strongly suggest an open-back cab.

Then grab two Weber speakers, and don't be afraid to mix and match two different ones. I find that this group sounds the best with AC30 style amps:
-Blue Dog (30 watt, ceramic): bright, jangly, clear.
-Grey Wolf (30 or 50 watt ceramic) - similar to the blue, more aggressive
-Silver bell (30 or 50 watt, ceramic) - warmer, more bass than the other two.

For more modern music I'd go with a grey wolf/silver bell combo or two grey wolves, both in the 50+ watt versions.

Those speakers are $112 each so your grand total is under 600 for everything.
awesome! thank you! if i went that route, id probably do the the grey wolf/silver bell combo. i dont want a super jangly tone, i want it to be a little dark but clear, so i think that might be just what im looking for.