Help me decide, should I get another bass or a better amp?

I currently have a Fender Rumble 30 watt amp. It's a combo solid state.

I don't play in a band I really just practice by myself and occasionally play for school things like the christmas concert. I've never needed a bigger amp than what i've got, though I've always thought I needed a better one.

I really have no idea what kind of amp to get, I know brand names. Marshall, Roland and Orange seem quite popular though I really have no clue.


I have a Fender Active P bass special. (Made in Mexico)

p bass pickups with a single coil jazz pickup at the bridge. I've had it since Christmas 2011 and I love it to bits. What I'm after though is a jazz bass

Specifically, a Squier Vintage modified jazz bass (no flaming for me wanting a squier please and thank you)


question is now:
Should I get a good amp, if so what should I get, or should I go with the jazz bass?


My music style is pretty much anything, just a loud bassline really.
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Budget is from $200-$300. I could spend more but I mostly (95% of the time) use my bass and amp for practicing.


I'm going with the amp then...
What kind of amp should I get, I've only ever had this one (fender rumble 30)?
Marshall and Roland seem quite popular are these the sort of amps I should look into, my friend (who plays guitar) is quite fond of his Orange amp (though it's different for guitar)
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Amp. Fender Rumble is poopy and makes me sadface.
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Honestly if I were you I would wait until I knew what I wanted. It doesn't sound like you really need a bigger amp, though a nicer amp would probably be nice. And it doesn't sound like you really need another bass. So I would save my money until my circumstances necessitated a purchase, if that makes sense. If you don't need it right now, wait is basically what I'm saying.
Budget? Style of music played?
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a shit bass through a good amp is a lot better than a good bass through a shit amp. Combine that with the fact that your bass isn't shit, it should be a no brainer.

keep your good bass, get a good amp.
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I would keep saving,and start looking for a more powerful amp.Keep the one you have for practice,but if you plan on playing with a group at some point,30 watts isn't gonna cut it.Bass is like the opposite of guitar,Most guitar players favor a lower wattage (like 50 watts) tube amp cranked.Where most bass players will use a rig 300-500 watts even for casual jam sessions.I used to play through a 50 watt Roland turned almost all the way up to keep up with drums and shitty little guitar amps.My bass notes sounded like farts.
A better amp since most of your basses are good instruments.
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You don't need a better bass and until you play in public you don't need a better amp. It is about what is most satisfying for you.

Having said that if you do want to sound better your current bass through a decent amp is going to sound much better than a Jazz bass through your practice amp.

For that sort of price you should be able to pick up some decent second hand Peavey gear. Don't know what else you will find where you are but Ashdown and Acoustic make good mid-range stuff. Marshall are a bit of a love or hate thing for bass, it isn't their best stuff. I like my Hartke combo but it does have a typical Hartke sound. You won't go far wrong with Peavey and it is well built for the price.