Hey guys I have a super limited budget of $100 to grab a bass amp with. I need a small practice amp for my room. But I'd like it to have nice tone. For a show playing rig I have a peavey XR560 pa head and a jbl 4628B cabinet. These things are big and I hate lugging them around so I want something small I can play in bedroom and practice with a drummer and guitarist. But I don't have alot of money. Max is $100. I'm looking at the Ampeg BA-108 for $100 new or a used SWR LA 10 for $80 from guitar center. Of these two which would be the better amp? I'd also like the ability to DL out to my pay head if I wanted the tone of the small bass amp live. So I'd really like a good tone. Any other ideas for $100? Craigslist isn't much of an option and I need it soonish. So mainly Guitarcenter new and used stuff. Any thoughts on the La10 or BA-108? Or any other ideas? And yes I know my main rig is lacking with just a pa head and the cab but it gets the job done at gigs. Thanks!
PRS Semi-Hollow Custom SE

Peavey Ranger 2x12 Twin Killer

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1x8" or 1x10" practice combo will have a very hard time keeping up with a drummer and guitarist unless your guitarist also uses a small SS practice combo and your drummer is on an electric kit again through a similarly powerful amp. The closest I can recommend to what you want is to find one of these used. Should be dirt cheap used, behringer has such a bad reputation they're near worthless. In reality it's heavy for what it is, and doesn't have the best sound but in my experience it's near indestructible (probably has something to do with the weight) and is cheap.