Wanna play some Death Metal stuff
e.g. Bloodbath, old In Flames ... so mostly Drop B and Standard C.

Scale: 24,5" - max. 25" !
No Trem
Bridge Humbucker
Budget: max. 500€/650USD wanna buy used.

The scale thing is the most important part. I'm actually also looking for a PRS USA model as my main guitar. (i primary play in E and Drop D)
So i thought about a SE. Dunno about the hardware, some guys told me the bridge is shit.

Just name some guitars with that specs please so i can check them out.

I already know:

LTD EC-401
Some Schecter C-1's - I had a C-1 plus which was awesome .
Gibson/Epiphone Les Pauls
I think you've already done the best job,I would personally go for this >> LTD EC-401
I would probably go for the Schecter.... but the LTD has the better pickups for low tunes.
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Really, any guitar can be downtuned, just ram in thick enough strings. Though short scale is problematic as getting good intonation gets harder the shorter you go, but 25.5 works just fine. Anyway, my LTD F-50 is in B standard with a D'Addario's 13-63 baritone strings and it works fine. Sounded bit farty on the Randall I just sold, but I blame the stock pickups as it sounds fine on Peavy Envoy Transtube and just great in my computer with digital modeling where pickups matter less.

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Have you considered the Ibanez ART serie?

I have an ART100DX tuned to drop C without any problem.