Nanook of the North (EP)

Thanks for listening!
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^ The bottom part of that post was the funniest thing I've read/seen today. And I bumped into David Mitchell (UK comedian) in London today so...

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Synth based tunes.
Love the intro/lead sound on the first track - it's a little harsh though, needs a little bit of EQ work - can still keep all the qualities and magic of it but right as it is it makes my head hurt.

The vocals seem a little too "deep" in the mix, I understand that may be the effect wanted but I think they can come forward on top just a little bit - or some EQ work to make them stand out a bit.

The music is all really good! I think it all needs a bit of organic love.. I'll say it again... EQ.

Make sure the drummer is using headphones and test it on as many different phones/speakers/systems as possible to make sure it's versatile.

I dig the music.