I made a thread two days ago asking whether I should get a squier jazz bass or a new amp. Here's the thread link:

Whether you looked at the link or not, most people said I should get an amp. Now my question is now what kinda of amp do I get?

My budget is $200-300

My music style is pretty much anything, just a loud bassline really.
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Iron Maiden
The Killers
The Strokes
Two Door Cinema Club
Kaiser Chiefs

I like playing with my midrange high, treble medium and bass a between middle and high (if that helps, not sure if it does or not)

I don't play in a band, I sometimes play at school concerts but only about 3-5 times a year (total guess with the numbers there)

My current amp is a Fender Rumble 30.

Any input would be helpful, I really have no clue which brand of amplifer to get.

I've chosen an amp
Is this Marshall amp better than my current Fender Rumble 30?
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If you pushed your budget to $350 you could get an acoustic B200, very nice amp.
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If you pushed your budget to $350 you could get an acoustic B200, very nice amp.

This, newer acoustic amps are very nice for the price