Hey bro,

Diggin' the funky blues rock vibe, especially blues rocky once I hear that change to the IV and then the turnaround. Cool slide guitar too.

Vocals sound really good man, I am a big fan of blues rock and of course, rasping vocals about slutty ex-girlfriends. Is it any wonder that I am also a fan of post hardcore? Lyrics are typical fair for this kind of music. They sound good and they work, just watch the cliches like rolling stone, although I think that's the only one I heard and I think you're good for one a song.

As far as instrumental sounds, I am reminded a lot of George Thorogood and the Destroyers. Guitar solo has good note selection, enjoying the slide licks... and then fade into acoustic? Personally, I would put the acoustic bit at the beginning of the song and have it lead into the actual song ala something like American Woman or perhaps Bring it On Home. Either way my ears don't like the fade out from the guitar solo just as it's getting going into an acoustic guitar. Doesn't work for me, I need some kind of transition there.

Overall, good song, definitely my kind of music, high production quality and professional sounding. My only real gripe is the way it ends.
hey thanks alot for listening, was hoping I would get some feedback. the ending was a last minute thing, we really liked it tho and its a different kind of ending, sounded unique.
Right off the bat I knew I'd like it. The whole way listening through the song, I could imagine just smoking a nice joint and just relaxing while blasting this outside in my backyard. Really good rock'n roll voice. Start stop sections are pretty neat, but I would like a little more variety in the guitar leads! Like for example give the solos more depth because to me they sounded just a little one dimensional. But then again for this type of music it is okay, and this is honestly a solid song, so don't take that to heart

I'd love to hear more of your stuff!
haha thanks man, not too sure what you meant about the solos being a little one dimensional. at first the solo was just your standard blues solo, but we wanted something different so I tuned the guitar to a weird tuning and did a slide solo.
yeah...nice song

makes me wanna drink some beer and drive down a lonely road to a party

love those little leads in between and i really love the vocals.

i cant even critique anything really...well maybe the sound of the leadguitar wasnt completely to my liking...but so what. if youre happy i'm happy

really cool stuff!!!
rite on, glad u guys are liking it. we have a couple other demos we're working on, just need some lyrics for them then we'll start recording.
Intro was aight, nothing out of the ordinary. Very blues-y, same with the vocals. Reminds me a lot of classic rock stuff. I can't say the lyrics are really creative at all, doesn't sound like you spent too much time on them. Nothing about this song particularly stands out to me. The outro was really odd too and feels like it was just kind of thrown there.
I dunno, I'm not a fan of classic rock stuff, too much of this just sounds generic to me.
Nice work man, this sounds good! The vocalist is a little bit unhinged, like he's teetering on the edge of sanity, and it gives the track an air of authenticity you don't get in a lot of modern blues. Tasty guitar tones and playing all round too.

The only criticism I'd have is that the recording and production is too clean and polished, it doesn't suit the track! The drums are EQ'd almost like they're for hard rock/metal, and there's not as much going on in the lower mids as there should be.

That fade out is way too fast and just leaves the listener thinking 'HUH?'. I think the end acoustic bit would have a lot more impact if you filtered it to sound like an old 1930s blues recording or something - Izotope Ozone is good for that!
Damn man! This is some awesome music! I love the singers voice. Its so angry but it fits so well. The instrumental itself is solid too. Everything about this song was done well, the only complaint i have is the bass sounds a tad quiet to me. But, otherwise, i thought it was pretty much perfect. I loved the song. Its too bad more people dont do stuff like this now, this is what REAL music is. Great job!
Thanks alot for the feedback guys! That's not a bad idea the izotope ozone thing, i was thinking of doing that at the beginning actually.