I'm relatively new at playing guitar (about 3yrs) and self taught sitting down. However, standing and playing ... I feel like a beginner all over again. Any ideas to get through this would be appreciated.
Sit down with your strap on and then set the length so it's in close to the same spot as it is when sitting. Personally, I think anyone who plans on playing with others or playing in a band should always practice standing. Not many people rock out on stage sitting.
just practise playing standing up, that's all there is to it!

PS: don't try to be another James Hetfield with your guitar slung between your knees, playing like that ain't easy
Just practice practice practice youll pick it up in no time :-)
Sit down how you always do when you're playing. Put the strap around you and have it at the same height as when you sit. Basically you should be able to go from sitting down and playing to standing up and playing and the guitar shouldn't really move.

PLEASE don't be one of those people who thinks playing with the guitar higher is uncool, because your playing is more important than how you look, and personally i think it looks stupid with the guitar slung low. Don't pull a Billie Joe Armstrong from Green Day..
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Sit down with your strap on...

I love these "I cant play standing up" threads...someone always does it...

TS: Practice standing for a few weeks... dont sling the guitar super low.... and you'll be fine
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It's the same as all other harmony. Surround yourself with skulls and candles if it helps.
I especially hate palmmuting while standing up. I just feel uncomfortable doing it. I try not to hang my guitar to high, because that looks very awkward to me. :P I always wonder how Hetfield does it.
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I try not to hang my guitar to high, because that looks very awkward to me. :P



Not even gonna comment..
Thanks everyone for the feedback, very helpful! My guitar is now somewhere between Dave Matthews' guitar height and my waist but at least it works.