I'm wiring up an EMG and the pickup is magnetic, but its not picking up anything, and its making a nasty buzz and I dont know where to start.

EMG 89 if that matters. 500k pot. can anyone help me out?

EDIT: I just read that it requires a 25k pot, so that might be part of the problem. but something was still screwy, sorry for the waste of a post, i will report back when i replace the pot
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well i actually started another thread asking about the jack. and it seems to be wired right, but that doesnt mean it is. ill post pictures as soon as i can
if jack wiring is wrong then you wont get the buzz.

The buzz would happen if your wiring is somewhere wrong.. either a loose connection or a wrong connection.... (tone, volume , or switch)

recheck your wiring with the correct wiring diagram....
here is the diagram im using:

the only thing that is wee confusing, is apparently the ring is supposed to go to the battery, so i have it going to the negative of the battery, tip goes to the left most prong on the volume pot, and the ground going to the right most prong. if this right? im just wiring one 89 and a volume pot
the red wire coming off the pickup is going to the battery, and the red wire coming off of the short (hot) prong of the jack is going to the right prong of the pot
bump. anyone? the pickup is making sound, so it doesnt seem like its wired totally wrong, just maybe a little improperly. but i went through all my solder joints and they seem good.
try the red wire on the jack going to the hot wire on the battery instead.
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try the red wire on the jack going to the hot wire on the battery instead.

Don't do that!!!!
That'll send a horrible 9V DC charge directly to your amp!
ok... didnt do that, but the guitar is just chillin because i havent figured out what the deal is, and i dont wanna make any worse. so does anyone have any insight?
sorry man, confused black and red.
you sure you have the right diagram?/can you post it?
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well i have the long prong on the jack (ground) going to left prong of the volume pot. short prong on jack (hot) going to the right prong of the pot. and middle jack prong going to the negative of the battery.